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Letting Go of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Imagine crawling into bed after a hard day’s work only to be awakened every 45 minutes by tremendous pain in your wrist and hand. This was a reality for Charlie Woods before he sought help from Dr. Andrew Foret, hand and wrist specialist at Center for Orthopaedics.

Sacking Hip Injuries

For a quarterback, aches and pains are just as much as part of the game as touchdowns and tackles. But for Seth Bohannon, quarterback for the Sulphur High School Golden Tor football team, the pain in his hip wasn’t the result of a hard hit or overuse. It was the result of an abnormality within his hip joint called FAI.

Thawing The Big Freeze
Horrible. Excruciating. Awful. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the pain of "frozen shoulder” by people who suffer from this mysterious condition.
Partial Replacement Provides Complete Mobility
After years of pain and several surgeries, Donald Pitre knew it was finally time for a more permanent surgical solution for the arthritis in his knee. The pain in his left knee, caused by years of playing basketball in his youth followed by years of working on his feet, was unrelenting and limited his activities.
New Knee Replacement Provides Custom Fit
Orthopaedic surgeon John Noble Jr., MD, with Center for Orthopaedics, is using innovative new technology, Visionaire Patient Match, to perform patient-customized knee replacement surgery.
Reverse the Pain with Innovative New Shoulder Replacement
Think about all the lifting, reaching, pulling and pushing you do every day – whether it’s bringing in a bag of groceries, combing your hair, sweeping the floor, hammering a nail or throwing a ball. With all we demand of our shoulders, it’s really not that surprising that shoulder pain is a very common problem.



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