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Hand & Wrist Center

Difficulties with the hands, wrists and fingers can have a significant negative impact on everyday life. We use our hands almost every minute of the day Ė buttoning our shirts, tying our shoes, using the computer, flipping pages of a book. We donít realize the full importance of hand and wrist functionality until we have trouble using them to their greatest mobility.

The human hand and wrist is comprised of intricate bones, tendons, nerves and muscles that are susceptible to a variety of complications that require specialty care. At CFO, we have skilled specialists who offer the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the hand, wrist and upper extremities, including:

FracturesWrist ArthroscopyJoint ReplacementCongenital Hand Conditions
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHand & Wrist ArthritisSports InjuriesHand Tumors & Nodules
Pediatric Hand ConditionsDupuytren's DiseaseTendon, Artery & Nerve InjuriesMicrosurgery

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