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Center for Orthopaedics Announces Opening of the Center for Regenerative Medicine

Center for Orthopaedics Announces Opening of the Center for Regenerative Medicine

The physicians of Center for Orthopaedics (CFO) are pleased to announce the opening of the Center for Regenerative Medicine at our Lake Charles office, located at 1747 Imperial Boulevard.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine is affiliated with iGenesis, a collaborative network of orthopedic providers who offer standardized biologic therapies using a patient’s own blood and bone marrow for the treatment of tendon and arthritic conditions of the knee, shoulder and hip.

“Regenerative medicine allows us to harness the healing potential contained in blood and bone marrow,” says Dr. Steven Hale with CFO. “We have been following developments in this rapidly evolving field for some time. After researching and studying the therapy platforms of several different providers, we chose iGenesis because we believe their approach provides the most advanced therapies that follow proven principles of cell harvesting and treatment protocols.”

Using iGenesis technology and fluoroscopic guidance, exact amounts of cells are extracted and applied to the area of damaged tissue. The non-surgical outpatient procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Potential benefits of the iGenesis treatment includes reduced pain, improved healing, no threat of rejection of your own cells, increased participation in activities and maintaining independence longer.

Dr. David Drez Jr. with CFO has a personal interest in biologics. “After sustaining an injury to my right knee two years ago that did not resolve through various traditional non-surgical treatment methods, I started looking for another solution. After researching stem cell treatments, I decided that the iGenesis protocol was my best solution. After receiving the stem cell injection in my right knee several months ago, I have experienced 95% resolution of my painful symptoms. When I evaluate patients for the program, I can speak to them with firsthand knowledge of how our process works.”

“It’s very exciting to be the first in the region to offer this innovative level of care,” says Dr. John Noble Jr. with CFO. “I am very appreciative of the work Dr. Hale and Dr. Drez have done to establish our Center for Regenerative Medicine and I am excited to have this new treatment option for my patients.”

Not every patient is a candidate for regenerative medicine. A consultation is required to determine if biologic therapy is an option for a patient’s condition. Dr. Drez says careful patient selection and education allow for the best possible outcome.

The iGenesis techniques meet the FDA’s comprehensive regenerative medicine policy framework and the FDA Guidance Letter (November 2017) for the use of human cells, tissues and cellular tissue-based products (1).

Call Center for Orthopaedics at (337) 721-7236 to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate.


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