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CFO Launches OrthoExpress

CFO Launches OrthoExpress

According to a study by Merritt Hawkins and Associates, the average national wait time to see a physician specialist is over 20 days. While the wait time locally is not that long for most specialties, Center for Orthopaedics created OrthoExpress to address this issue. This new service ensures that anyone who has a musculoskeletal injury can be seen by one of their specialists within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

J. Trappey, orthopaedic surgeon with Center for Orthopedics, explains that OrthoExpress is designed to provide convenient, responsive access to expert care for sports injuries, broken bones, joint injuries, sudden back or neck pain, work-related injuries and any other musculoskeletal injuries. "OrthoExpress gives patients and referring doctors quick access to specialized care when it’s needed – not weeks after an injury occurs. We guarantee that we’ll see a patient within a day of the call on weekdays. We don’t want anyone to have to wait an inordinate amount of time to see an orthopaedic specialist.”

For more information about the new OrthoExpress service, call (337) 721-7236.

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