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First Center for Orthopaedics Physician Now Sharing Data Through HealthSYNC of Louisiana

First Center for Orthopaedics Physician Now Sharing Data Through HealthSYNC of Louisiana

Dr. John Noble of Center for Orthopaedics is now a participant of HealthSYNC of Louisiana, a health information exchange (HIE) created by the Louisiana State Medical Society in partnership with KAMMCO, a company with a proven HIE platform. HealthSYNC is a physician-led HIE which allows providers to more efficiently share patient health information in a timely manner which ultimately helps improve care for patients.

“We can now access patients’ medical information from any HealthSYNC participating location. This helps eliminate duplicative testing, and ultimately, improve the delivery of care,” explains Dr. Noble. “From the patient perspective, our participation in HealthSYNC will provide the right health information in the right place at the right time, supporting the patient-physician relationship which is such a critical component of high-quality medical care.”

According to Dr. John Noble, participating in the platform was a much simpler process for the group as a result of the Better Day™ Health (BDH) system they already had in place. Better Day™ is a comprehensive clinical operating system. The software solution automates electronic health records data capture and entry, significantly compressing the amount of time it takes physicians to complete the documentation and clinical processes for their patients. “HealthSYNC was the next natural step for our practice, and we are excited about the added benefits it will help us provide to our patients.”

In addition to the data exchange, HealthSYNC also offers a patient health portal, extensive data analytics tools, and population health solutions. HealthSYNC allows connected physicians and hospitals to share patient information and extract powerful analytic reports to help improve patient encounters and clinical outcomes. It also assists physicians as they transition to new models of health care delivery, quality reporting, and performance-based payments. The technology is already successfully operating in Kansas, with similar efforts under development in Georgia, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Missouri.

Dr. Noble is the first clinician in Louisiana to join HealthSYNC. The Pathology Laboratory of Lake Charles, LA went online with the system in December of last year. Josh Darby, chief operating officer with the Pathology Lab, says their doctors have been very pleased with the exchange and the advantages in secure information sharing it has offered their patients.

“We’re proud to be part of a national network of engaged and forward-thinking physicians through HealthSYNC,” says Dr. Noble. “We are continually seeking advances that improve the level of care we offer our patients.”

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