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Physical Medicine

Center for Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic Surgeons located in Lake Charles, LA & Moss Bluff, LA

Physical medicine focuses on both pain relief and returning to full function after an injury. At the Center for Orthopaedics, the experienced physical medicine specialists offer the best nonsurgical treatments and rehabilitation to enable your complete recovery. Call the office in Lake Charles, Louisiana, today or schedule an appointment through the online booking link.

Physical Medicine Q & A

What is physical medicine?

Physical medicine focuses on diagnosing and treating pain caused by an injury, illness, or chronic condition. The physical medicine treatment philosophy is one of whole-body health rather than simply treating individual symptoms.

The Center for Orthopedics physical medicine team can restore your mobility after an injury or surgery. They also emphasize an improved quality of life and injury prevention.

Physical medicine doctors head up a medical team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and support staff. All work together to offer you a chance at the best health and wellness. The Center for Orthopaedics team focuses on nonsurgical treatments whenever possible and offers orthopedic surgery when needed.

What conditions does physical medicine cover?

Physical medicine treats many musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Arthritis
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Myofascial pain

Physical medicine doctors mainly treat musculoskeletal injuries. But they can also treat developmental conditions in children, spinal cord injuries, and other problems.

What does a physical medicine diagnosis involve?

The physical medicine team at the Center for Orthopaedics uses many diagnostic techniques, including physical exams, reviewing personal and family medical histories, and ordering imaging procedures.

Physical medicine physicians are highly skilled in electrodiagnostic studies. These include electromyography (EMG, to check the electrical activity in your muscles() and nerve conduction studies (NCS, to check nerve function).

What does physical medicine treatment involve?

Physical medicine treatment usually includes rehabilitation, like physical therapy and occupational therapy, along with nonsurgical treatments. Physical medicine doctors are specialists in many noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments, particularly ultrasound-guided injections like facet joint injections and epidural steroid injections.

They also offer radiofrequency nerve ablation and spinal cord stimulators to treat pain that doesn’t improve with other treatments.

With physical medicine treatment, the team’s ultimate goal is to address the root cause of your pain, injury, or disability. This offers a long-term solution without requiring the use of addictive narcotics or other potentially dangerous treatments.

Should you need surgery, the physical medicine team can refer you to one of the experienced orthopedic surgeons at the Center for Orthopaedics. After surgery, your physical medicine providers will handle your rehabilitation and get you back on your feet fast.

Call the Center for Orthopaedics today or book an appointment online to see if physical medicine is something you could benefit from.